About Us

Who we are

Spoken Languages with Yuri is a language training provider that teaches people to achieve clearer communication in English and in French. We offer one-on-one English and French conversation and pronunciation classes on site or on Skype.

Spoken Languages with Yuri will help you achieve clarity of expression in English or French. We also excel in helping government employees attain or maintain their required federal or provincial Second Language proficiency levels.

Who can benefit from our services

  • Students who wish to improve their language proficiency in either English or French while they study.
  • Travelers who wish to communicate more clearly, and with confidence and ease.
  • Government Employees who need to train for their second language evaluation or who need to maintain their language level at work.
  • Diplomats who wish to achieve clearer communication and troubleshoot pronunciation problems.
  • Sales People who wish to increase sales by making sure clients understand them the first time around.
  • Call Centre Employees who need to be understood over the phone without having their customer ask them to repeat over and over again.
  • People in the healthcare industry who need to quickly understand their patients’ concerns.
  • In short, anyone who needs to achieve clearer speech in order to communicate better with others!

Why one-on-one classes

  • More speaking practice and attention than in a group class.
  • The opportunity to speak without fear.
  • Focus on topics that are relevant to your life and goals.
  • Troubleshoot any areas, especially pronunciation, that prevent you from being clearly understood.
  • Learn in a location that is convenient for you.
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